What are "Lid-Skins" Hard Bag lid Paint Protectors?

For Lack of a Better Word I’ve Named these “Lid-Skins
Have you ever had your ole Lady drag her boot across your hard bag lid? Well I have and its not pretty and usually ends in a messy divorce with her getting your Bike…….  I’ve seen it a hundred times ….
Well these are the Solution…………..
A 3D Textured Vinyl Skin top Panel for the top of your Harley Davidson Hard-Bag Lids, So thin they almost look painted on.
They have A Patented Air Release Pattern that makes Application fast and Easy.
They are Very Durable with an Outdoor Life Span of 7-10 years,
(And that’s if you leave your bike out in the Elements 24/7)
They are Easily Maintained with any Vinyl or Leather Protectant.
They Will Not Peal or Fade and are Easily Removed when you are Ready to Remove them.
They are Perfectly Die-Cut to Fit Your Year Harley-Davidson Touring Model.
Harley Davidson Hard Lid Paint Protection

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How do you Install these "Lid-Skins"

(A Patented Air Release Pattern makes Application fast and Easy)

I: Mix about 8 drops of dish soap to 1 quart of water in a spray bottle.

2: Clean the hard bag lid surface with glass cleaner and a dry cloth Make sure there are no specks of Dirt.

3: Note there is a left and right side…Carefully peel the backing paper away from the “Lid-Skins.”

4: Heavily Spray down the top of your hard bag and the back of the Lid-Skin.(The wetter the better i always say).

5: Center the Lid skin so there is a even gap around the top, carefully lift and re-position as many times as you need just use lots of water in between the re-positioning steps.

6: Firmly squeegee the skins off with a squeegee or damp soft cloth force the bubbles and fluid out from the center out. …..The Vinyl is very Durable and can take it… .

7: Allow the Lid Skins to dry for a couple of hours,You may need to smooth down some edges after leaving it to dry the Tackiness will get stronger and semi-permanent after a couple of hours…

How do I Remove "Lid-Skins"?

To Remove Lid Skins Use a hair dryer to Soften the Skin then peel them off, Never Use A Heat Gun!
glue residue (if any) can easily be wiped off with Alcohol.

What in the fuck are High visibility reflective Graphics?

High Visibility Reflective Graphics

Limited Production Safety Graphics

These glow like NEON when headlights hit them.

The reflective properties of this material is INCREDIBLE

This accessory could very well Save your Life!

Black on a black bike can hardly be seen in the day and glows like neon when light hits it…a Very Cool effect at night.

Made from premium quality flexible, enclosed lens, retro-reflective film that resists fading and cracking

With a life spam of 7-10 years Made in the USA

This is the same high reflective Sign material used on School buses, police cars and ambulances.

4 Reflective Colors Available 

 Silver White Pearl, Metallic Gold, Orange or Black.


Are High visibility graphics hard to install?

Not really in fact a little patience is all you need but a lot of us don’t even know what that word means so read this shit..

 Installing these are relatively easy just like sign vinyl, but not everybody is “handy” with this sort of thing so I strongly recommend you do your research or have a qualified friend or sign company do it for you,

I cannot be held responsible for installation or removal mishaps.


Can these be removed? Yes they can, it takes a hair dryer a soft plastic scraper, alcohol and patience. I have removed dozens of these from my hard bags without hurting my factory paint. Hire a pro if you don’t know what your doing, I am being up front I want you to be completely informed.


I do not refund for installation or removal mishaps

Hey Jack do you do custom work?

Yup…. I sure do.. but not for nothing… most of the cool things i sell require a simple Image without a lot of small pieces, if you need something custom i would love to help you out but i don’t start any job without an actual phone conversation and a complete agreement on whats to be done and full payment.

I have done hundreds of custom jobs and the bottom line is i want you to be satisfied, we communicate and we get it done.

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